The 2015 OCAS Exhibition ran at Charterhouse from 13 to 20 September with a Private View on 13 September. Once again the exhibition then transferred to Jeremy Levinson's Bermondsey Street gallery and ran from 22 to 27 September with a Private View on 24 September. The exhibition had the widest range of OCs yet ranging from the 1940s to the 2015 leavers.


Mike Von Joel, the gallery curator, and Jeremy Levinson judged the work. The First Prize went to Peter Burgess. The other two prizes were awarded to Jonathan Luke and Alexander Kirkbride.


Jane Alison curated the exhibition.


This was the first year of "The Levison Sculpture Prize". In 2014 Jeremy Levison commissioned Bill Pye to produce a sculpture which would be created as an award. This would be given on an annual basis, along with a modest monetary prize, to a final year sculpture student from Charterhouse.


Poppy Tufnell (daughter of the ex-England cricketer Phil Tufnell) won the prize, and accepted the invitation to exhibit her work at the 2015 show, which was also part of her prize.




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